alpha Pavement begins all projects with a high-pressure wash and spot treatment. We believe this is the key to our exceptional product.

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seal coating

Quick Fix Package: Prevent further damage from UV light and moisture and make your lot aesthetically pleasing. While this sounds like a great plan, we would prefer our customers to have a lasting result. On average, customers who choose this package will need another coating in 2-3 years.

Recommended Package: This is our preferred method of application. Your lot will obtain the same results as the Quick Fix package, however we add in the additional step of restoring the pliability of existing asphalt to keep from attracting pot holes. This package has a guarantee* of 5 years.

Elite Package: It’s the Recommended Package, but lasts longer. The package will take a little more time and require more resources, but by far the best way to seal coat a parking lot. This package has a guarantee* of 7 years.Alpha Pavement

crack sealing

Lot cracks are cleaned with high velocity air, as well as existing asphalt for bonding to the sealant. The cracks are then filled with an asphalt rubber and squeegeed flush with the pavement.

pavement patching

The damaged pavement is square cut and re-compacted. We use an asphalt emulsion product to recreate the effected area.

Alpha Pavement only uses asphalt materials that meet TXDOT standards. 

Pavement patching comes with a 1 Year Conditional Warranty