A seal coat is a preventative maintenance, and should be done every 5-7 years. A lot that has received a Seal Coat is usually available to receive traffic within 24 hours.



Alpha Pavement always uses high pressure water to wash the lot prior to the application of a Seal Coat. This method takes longer, but is the right way to prep a lot to ensure the bonding and penetration of the Seal.


Sealcoating Coal Tar:  a slurry mix of coal tar consisting of 51 % percent solids, will be mixed at a ratio of 53% tar, 45% water, 2% polychloroneoprene adhesive and 1 pounds of sand per gallon. The Sealer will be applied in a one coat squeegee one coat spray application for a coverage of .24 mixed gallons per square yard. The slurry will be applied after the asphalt is first cleaned with high-pressure water and the oil spots treated with Tar Prime.

Above is our technical specification for the process know as Seal Coat. Seal Coat simply put is a coal tar emulsion that is mixed with sand and water and applied to an existing asphalt parking lot for three purposes.


  1. To restore the pliability of the existing asphalt to help it expand and contract with normal hot and cold cycles.

A) Asphalt is liquid that is mixed with rock and sand to create "Hot Mix", this mix is supposed to flex and move, as the Hot Mix gets older the oil begins to dry out, this makes the mix less flexible and leads to cracking, that allows moisture under Hot Mix that eventually leads to "Pot Holes". A seal coat when properly applied will help existing asphalt flex.

2.  Prevent further damage from UV light and moisture.

A) Two of the biggest reasons that a parking lot will fail are often moisture, Ultra Violet light, since neither of these issues are avoidable, it is best to protect from two items, as best as possible.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing.

A) A Freshly Sealed lot appears to be a newly paved lot and adds to the look of any business.

There are Three ways to apply and Seal Coat.


1) Two Coat Spray: This method is the least expensive method, and only covers two of the above mentioned purposes, 2, and 3. We prefer not to place this type of Seal Coat unless explicitly directed to by the customer.

2) One Coat Spray One coat Squeegee: This is our preferred method of application, it encompasses all three purposes and is the most economical method.

3) Two Coat Squeegee: This method is the most time consuming and requires the use of more material, and labor. This method is by far the best ay to Seal Coat a parking lot, but is also the most expensive. This method is used if directed by the customer.