Patching: The damaged pavement will be cut square. The area will then be removed and any unsound base will be worked and re- compacted. Asphalt emulsion will be applied to the vertical walls and a Two (2) inch lift of Hot Mix Asphaltic Concrete (HMAC) will be laid and compacted with a steel wheel roller. The area will be swept clean and all excess material will be completely removed.


Why Patch?

Patching a parking lot is necessary when water has gotten beneath the asphalt and caused the base material to fail, which intern causes the asphalt to buckle and fail. Most of the time when a patch is needed it is not because the Hot Mix is fault, it is because the material beneath has become soft through moisture or eroded sway.

How is it done?

The process of patching is fairly straight forward. We begin by removing the asphalt, then any base that is unsound is either removed and replaced, or stabilized with cement to ensure strength. Every patch is placed at a minimum of 2" before compaction. The exception to this, is if your lot is under heavy traffic, such as semi trucks frequently.

Alpha Pavement only gets asphalt materials from sources that constantly are making Hot Mix to TXDOT standards. You can be assured our Hot Mix is of the highest quality.


Patching is a process that is done as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Alpha Pavement offers a 1 ear conditional warrant on patching.