Frequently Asked Questions


we are often asked about our processes, as well as why it’s important to do maintenance on existing asphalt… here are our most frequently asked questions.

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what is made up of asphalt + why do I have pot holes?

Asphalt is liquid that is mixed with rock and sand to create "Hot Mix", this mix is supposed to flex and move, as the Hot Mix gets older the oil begins to dry out, this makes the mix less flexible and leads to cracking, that allows moisture under Hot Mix that eventually leads to "Pot Holes".

Why do parking lots need attention?

Two of the biggest reasons that a parking lot will fail are often from moisture and Ultra Violet light. Since neither of these issues are avoidable, it is best to protect your lot as both.

what is made up of Sealcoating Coal Tar?

Sealcoating coal tar is a slurry mix of coal tar consisting of 51 % percent solids, will be mixed at a ratio of 53% tar, 45% water, 2% polychloroneoprene adhesive and 1 pounds of sand per gallon. The Sealer will be applied in a one coat squeegee one coat spray application for a coverage of .24 mixed gallons per square yard. The slurry will be applied after the asphalt is first cleaned with high-pressure water and the oil spots treated with Tar Prime.

How often should I sealcoat?

A seal coat is a preventative maintenance, and should be done every 5-7 years. A lot that has received a Seal Coat is usually available to receive traffic within 24 hours.

what is crack fill + what makes alpha pavement different?

Crack Fill is a rubberized asphalt that is heated until it becomes a liquid. This liquid is then placed in a crack where it cools. As it cools the material bonds with the existing asphalt and forms a water proof barrier, to help ensure that moisture cannot permeate the crack and cause the asphalt to fail

The method of placing and preparing for crack fill is universally accepted among contractors. The difference can come from the type of materials purchased. Alpha Pavement only uses the best materials, and most often purchased her in the State of Texas.

why should i patch my parking lot?

Patching a parking lot is necessary when water has gotten beneath the asphalt and caused the base material to fail, which intern causes the asphalt to buckle and fail. Most of the time when a patch is needed it is not because the Hot Mix is fault, it is because the material beneath has become soft through moisture or eroded sway.

how will alpha pavement approach patching my parking lot?

The process of patching is fairly straight forward. We begin by removing the asphalt, then any base that is unsound is either removed and replaced, or stabilized with cement to ensure strength. Every patch is placed at a minimum of 2" before compaction. The exception to this, is if your lot is under heavy traffic, such as semi trucks frequently.