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Cracksealing: The cracks will be cleaned with high velocity air, remove debris, and clean existing asphalt for bonding to the sealant. The cracks are then filled with an asphalt rubber that has been melted at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and squeegeed flush with the pavement.

Above is our technical specification for Crack Fill or Crack Sealing. This type of repair is not always pleasing to the eye, but is necessary to help keep a lot from failing.

What is it?

  • Crack Fill - is a rubberized asphalt that is heated until it becomes a liquid. This liquid is then placed in a crack where it cools. As it cools the material bonds with the existing asphalt and forms a water proof barrier, to help ensure that moisture cannot permeate the crack and cause the asphalt to fail

Whats the difference?

  • The method of placing and preparing for crack fill is universally accepted among contractors. The difference can come from the type of materials purchased. Alpha Pavement only uses the best materials, and most often purchased her in the State of Texas.

A Crack Fill is a procedure that is necessary to preserve a parking lot, ad should be done as often as needed.