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jared fuller, ceo

Jared Fuller was born into construction. His grandfather, L.A. Fuller road the rails during the depression going site to site working construction, his grandmother was a short order cook in those same camps. L.A. grew tired of the nomadic lifestyle and set up a small company in 1948, named Fuller and Frasier. A year later L.A. bought Frasier out and Fuller and Sons construction was born.

Jared went to work for Fuller and Sons, during the summers, at the age of 13. It was then that he began learning the value of a good work ethic, as well as how to build roads and operate equipment. Now, Jared has over 25 years experience in civil construction. One of the things Jared has learned in his time is that there is only one way to be profitable in this industry:

“We will always give our customers what they pay for. Every crumb of hot mix to every gallon of seal coat, the only way to make money is to meet or beat our schedule. Profit must never be made at the expense of the customer.”

Today Jared is married to Shaley, and has two children, Kesslye and Kallym. He volunteers as a coach for both of his kids softball and baseball teams, which also happens to be his favorite sport. Jared and his family are active at Trinity Baptist Church. He maintains that a close walk with God is far more important than business.

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