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jared fuller, ceo

Jared has grown up in the asphalt industry. His grandfather founded L.A. Fuller & Sons, a road construction business based in Amarillo, Texas, in 19xx. In 19xx Fuller & Sons acquired Alpha Pavement Technology from Mark Fuller’s longtime friend, Paul Gugenheim. Jared became CEO in 2003 and has taken the company to new heights. His experience at that point was Heavy Civil Road Construction. The emphasis in that part of the industry is product first. This has not typically been the focus with sales driven construction firms that operate almost exclusively in the private sector. In fifteen years, Jared has set out to bring the superior products and workmanship  that the larger construction firms use to the general public. That mean every day, Alpha Pavement actively searches out ways it can be better for its customers. It is our hope that 5 years from now our methods, practices, and materials are not the same as they are today.

This means quite often are margins are less than our competition, and our prices sometimes are higher. But function over form will always be a priority for us, as long as I am running this company.

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